South Africa has a new drunk drive law but how will this affect your car insurance?  When this law is passed, you won’t be allowed behind the wheel after even one drink.

According to Transport Minister Fikile Mbalula, the National Road Traffic Amendment – to be implemented by June 2021 – will completely forbid the consumption of alcohol by all motor vehicle operators on the South African public roads.

This will have serious implications for all drivers, warns King Price.

When you are involved in an accident and found to have alcohol in your system, you would have broken the law.  Not only that, you will have impacted your insurance.

Insurers have the right to refuse to pay accident claims if the driver’s blood-alcohol level is over the limit.  This clause is already included in almost every car insurance policy in South Africa.  Previously it was difficult to determine if people were over the legal limit and if their driving was in fact impaired.   The new zero-tolerance approach removes the grey area.

If you are guilty of this offence, your insurer will have no obligation to meet your claim.   Additionally, as you will be considered a higher risk, your premiums will likely increase.

Additionally, if you are convicted and your license suspended, your current insurer may even cancel your policy.  You will also find it difficult to get car insurance in the future.

Take note that once the law comes into effect, the new blood-alcohol limit will immediately apply in your insurance agreement.  Bottom line, if you know you are going to have a drink, have alternative transport arranged.

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